From Gerhard Theewen: Die komplette Pin-Up Sammlung

Gerhard Theewen is one of the great photographers of these times. His success in pin-up photography depends on a combination of varied attributes and skill which make him to one of the finest exponents of this difficult field. He has told me of his great desire to promote photography as an art, equal in importance with sculpture, painting, and music. While paintings of the nude are treasured in museums and galleries, and sculpture of the undraped body is found and accepted in public places, photographs of pin-ups are frequently liable to suspicion from irresponsible sources. Elsewhere he tells something of the trouble he takes in the selection of models and location, the choice and arrangement of "props", the long wait to catch the light just as he requires it for his purpose, the mental strain which accompanies the physical effort of a prolonged session becomes clear. Unintentionally, too, he pays a considerabie tribute to the Agfa- Isola 1 and the Dacora-Digna 1 when he reveals that all the pictures in this most notable collection were made by these versatile little cameras. Characteristically, he attributes no special significance to the camera which is "only a tool, a small instrument which instantly obeys my command to snap the picture when I see it". Despite this apparent disregard for the mechanics of photography, Theewen is a superb technician. That will be evident to all photographers who turn over the pages of this book. For them there is a special interest, quite apart from the beauty of the models and the ingenuity of treatment. But, more than technical competence, which is not rare among photographers, Gerhard Theewen has that gift of achieving perfect rapport with his models. He does this without minimising the wholesome sensuality of the subject and this is what makes Gerhard Theewen to a great artist.

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